Play out

It is noon soon, we have been out for the whole night and morning. But alas, there was nothing so spectacular that made us say, welp time definitely well spent. However, we talked. We talked the night and morning away. Both opening up in a ways we probably did not expect to when the evening began. It feels like I know you, like I have known you for a long time.

You say the same, but then we part. The promise of next time may be a polite farewell, or a most delicious of hellos. I hope for the latter, but fear the first. In a drunken haze I have revealed my most embarrassing habits. And whilst what you told me was similar, or even more so, there is a part of me that believes that I have freaked you out beyond redemption and this is it.


It has been a day now. Or half a day if you will. I believe we both spent the hours apart sleeping.

It´s the new morning and new us, you said on the phone.

Uhuh, I did not want to let it be known how glad I was that the „next“ time was happening, but I was. I really was.



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