Welcome to TRAVE-GLE

So a friend of mine recently (today) after an omegle chat she has yet to disclose to me… set up a new blog. That said, Arika hopes to make the blog visible on google search soon, yet as that may take well up to 6 weeks, she asked me to post about it.

Here you go girl, I look forward to your blog posts. 😉

Everyone, hope you have time to check out travegle blog on wordpress (and that she has some posts there soon).


Dear visitor,

welcome to Trave-gle (also known as Trave-gde)! This blog will be open to post submissions as long as the posts are travel oriented, or they recount your omegle experience.

Updates of the blog to follow soon.



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2 thoughts on “Welcome to TRAVE-GLE

  1. Hello disembodies girl from the UK.
    Shirtless guy here. Took my sweet time to reply, but just watched Sense8 and it was amazing! Thanks for the suggestion!

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