Heartfelt Conversations

When the beauty says yes,
Will you cry?
When the answer is no,
Should other people try?

When the sand turns to dust
and weeds faster than lust,
mold into your clay.
Will that be the day that you pray?

If it was for me to decide,
and for you to pay…
Would it create a harbour?
At least for one bloody day?

I know not. 
And you mute the answers,
turn them away from your tongue…
Sadness and silence your way of re-pay
for the things I’ve done wrong.

If wind howls 
on the water that grows. 
Is that the day,
When the pain is too close?

Tell me oh traitor,
my heart nestled in chest,
The Destroyer of Hearts and of Doubtful Faiths. 
When beauty crumbles,
Will we then cry?


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