Finding Myself

I suspect some of you reading this post, have heard about Finding Neverland, an amazing story that was remade into musical and made Broadway  a better place. Among so many amazing plays that were, are, and will be there, why did I choose to write about this one?
It is my favourite, and “When Your Feet Don´t Touch the Ground” is the song I ended up bringing home with me.

Honestly, there are so many songs and performances that what happened to me was long overdue… Through and through, moment created by music. Lyrics, tone, performance, feelings.
I cried, because this hit too close to home. I cried because I found myself in both parts of this song. I cried because it made me grow.

Being the dreamer. Being a brokenhearted dreamer. And being realist. This song to me represents finding home within yourself.

Everyday just feels, a little longer.
Why am I the only one not getting stronger?
Running ’round pretending life’s a play.
It doesn’t make the darkness go away.

How do you feel about this? Do you have any similar experiences?


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