This day and the other

Goodnight my dearest,
I bid you farewell,
for few hours most,
no more, to that I swear.

Good night my love,
I will rest for hundreds of minutes,
no duties no crickets…

Morning sunshine,
I see The Day is here.
Newcomers on doorstep are
pushing in…

Will the doorway hold?
Will they come in?
Shall we open from within?

Good day, my lady.
As Fate you have been kind.
To us, to our neighbours,
it is time we paid in kind.

My heart breaks, when afternoon comes.
What is it, that takes happiness from the crown?
Is it us, is it them?
Respond please,
I can not comprehend.

Good evening,… sweetest.
With shame I must attest,
Some keep doors closed. For above all,
We value our own. Our kind, our own home.

Before I bid thee night,
Let me ask wind, to spread the news,
that home is one place, one ruse.
That will always.  Always,
make us monster to world.

With her head bowed, the figure said;
Please take this, and please move on to next.

Good night my love,
Good night my dearest.
Please let me sleep,
to forget this failed test.


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