Golden Seeds in Dark Caves

Beautiful both in message and in its visual serving. It draws the reader´s imagination and a sceneries described flash in front of one´s eyes. Thank you for planting and sharing this seed.

The Fenixx Nest


It is very easy to venture to the store

And buy the seeds that come

From someone else’s garden

It is easy to read books and magazines

About how to grow sunflowers and petunias

Marigolds and Hydrangeas

Roses and so much more

How easy is it to buy all of these seeds

But they will grow not into your dreams

For they hold the visions of others

The soil in your garden may be moist

Your garden may be the envy of your neighbors

Their eyes gazing upon in awe and jealously

As you absorb their smiles and frowns

Puffing up your ego, but your ego

Is directly dependent upon another’s

Is it not?

To find your true seeds

One must venture within themselves

Imagine a cave poking out of the water

The waves crashing against the rocks

On a breezy summer’s day

You dive under so you may enter

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