It & Them

You gotta speak up,

talk a bit louder

But then you sneak up,

And advice goes to gutter.


Your smile and assurance is my fantasy

But then I wake up and face the reality,

It is harsh,

But It is mine.


It is my life, for It is what I made,

For It is what made me.

It is my fight, for It decides my fate,

Yet I stand among many that hold my hand, head, spirit.


Stubbornly they refuse to let me go

They shoulder what I cannot

The wait for me, they forego

Me in so many ways since my cot.


But I am me. I am what I am.

Stubborn. Romantic. Dreamer.

Sometimes a bit of a screamer.


Believing the fact that I had to take the road

On my own, by my own means

Made me blind

To my surroundings.


For they share the path, or at least a part of it.

For they are being quite stubbornly.

I adore you. Maybe.

But them I love. Truly.



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