Storm and the Life

Before the Storm comes

Just after the midday,

When all people stretch out and yawn,

A cat, such a small creature, ran.


The run appeared to be a run for life

And people all around the site

Did not even spare a look.


There! The wind is rising 

And the thunderclouds appeared from nowhere.

Still, none raise their eyes, none stop smiling

At each other with their eyes cold and bleak.


There! Wind hits its target 

And they are all  flying high above the ground.

Still, none change their posture, nor the action.

Like puppets, suspended in the air,

They are empty, lifeless mound.


My eyes blink once and then!

The Storm is gone, and all is calm.


But a cat ran, like its life was on the line.

They looked at it and laughed. Calm.

They will live, for they still are.



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